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I Am God—Worship Me (January 2017)
Christians are being challenged to show where Jesus said "I am God" or "Worship me" in the Bible. Well, it must be in there somewhere...

Twenty Questions (1) (February 2017)
I end up answering a lot of questions on the Internet, and I decided to put together a list of 20 questions I have answered over the last few months.

The Sky Don't Lie (March 2017)
Some big guns are attacking the fulfillment of the Revelation 12 sign on September 23, 2017, but it seems they're only packing popguns.

Cold Feet (April 2017)
The prophetic scenario is unfolding, and alert believers know the Rapture is looming on the horizon—yet it seems some are getting cold feet.

The Exit Sign (May 2017)
Most who study the upcoming fulfillment of the sign of Revelation 12 don't see it as pinning down the day of the Rapture. Well, how should we see it?

The Chance of a Lifetime (June 2017)
If you believe (as do I) that the REV12 sign of 9/23/2017 is a sign that the season of the Rapture is upon us, then what should you be doing?

The Long Arm of the Lord (July 2017)
My best childhood friend died recently, and it made me reflect on my influence on his eternal destiny. Or the lack thereof.

Right for the Wrong Reasons? (August 2017)
Many believe Paul's mention of the "last trump" proves a Feast of Trumpets Rapture, but could they be right for the wrong reasons?

Sweet Hour of Prayer (September 2017)
Recently someone put out a theory about the day and hour of the Rapture, but I know what I'm going to do during that hour...

Where Do We Go From Here? (October 2017)
Now that the alignment of September 23 has come and gone (with no Rapture), many are asking just such questions.

The 24 Elders Revisited (November 2017)
I recently found out I got a couple of things wrong about the 24 elders back in 2015. (Spoiler alert: Their identity hasn't changed.)

A Missing Piece (December 2017)
Many who come up with creative theories about what happens when in the book of Revelation just might be missing a piece of the puzzle.

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