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The Reason for the Season? (January 2015)
Elves who make toys, a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer, and a man in a red suit who brings presents down the chimney. Oh, and a baby in a manger.

Next Stop: Heaven (February 2015)
Christian bookstores today are filled with bestsellers by people who claim they had a near-death experience and visited heaven...but did they?

Dragged Across the Rubicon (March 2015)
A recent report says Benjamin Netanyahu now opposes the two-state solution. Did he just cross the Rubicon...or was he dragged across it?

The Great One-Trick Pony (April 2015)
Satan is so good at this one slick trick that he scarcely needs any others to blind men to the truth of the gospel and steer them away from the cross.

The Gang's All Here (May 2015)
Early in the book of Revelation, just before the Tribulation starts, a group called the 24 elders appears in heaven. Gosh, I wonder who they could be...

Square Peg, Round Hole (June 2015)
When Jesus gave His disciples an in-depth briefing about His future return, He said He would "gather His elect." Well, that's gotta be the Church, right?

Love Wins (July 2015)
The Supreme Court recently made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, prompting the president to tweet "Love wins!" But is this the love that wins?

Try to Remember (August 2015)
Everybody is buzzing about a convergence of events in September 2015. But before you get swept away, there are a few things you should remember.

Painted Into a Corner (September 2015)
Messiah fever is sweeping Israel, but could the Jews' expectations of what their "Messiah" will do be painting them into a corner?

Hating God (October 2015)
It always amazes me how some people can so confidently assert that God doesn't even exist, and yet hate God so intensely...

Boiling Water (November 2015)
When Christians go a little nuts looking forward to the Rapture, I often imagine Jesus thinking, "What part of 'wait' is confusing to you?"

Kingdom Not Now (December 2015)
Two-thirds of the Christian world thinks that the Church should be busy taking over the world for Christ. So...what's wrong with that?

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