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It's Finally Here (February 2012)
You've seen the movie...now read the article. So, does the Bible actually say anything about 2012, or is it just a bunch of New Age hooey?

Kick Me! (March 2012)
Satan isn't called the god of this world for nothing, so when people play around with the spirit world, they're asking for trouble—and they often get it.

May the Force Be With You (April 2012)
Is it the gospel according to Luke...or the gospel according to Luke Skywalker? Is God actually the cosmic Force of Star Wars fame?

Separation Anxiety (May 2012)
Many Americans are familiar with the gospel yet remain on the fence, spiritually speaking. Will coming events force them to make a choice?

Wrong Black Train (June 2012)
I love the guy and I love his music, but Josh Turner proves the adage "A hit country song doth not sound biblical doctrine make." At least not in this case.

Top That (July 2012)
After being blown away by someone with a salvation story fit for Hollywood, I decided it was time to spice up my personal testimony just a tad...

See the Ball, Hit the Ball (August 2012)
Derek Jeter's philosophy of hitting is simplicity itself. Could Christians benefit from a dose of the Yankee superstar's unassuming wisdom?

The R-Word (September 2012)
Harold Camping's judgment-day debacle turned the Rapture into a joke in the eyes of the world—but will the world have the last laugh?

Change You Can Believe In (October 2012)
Hey, all you Obama supporters, how's that change thing workin' out for you? Ooh, bummer. Well, take heart—there are some changes you can believe in.

Don't Make Me Come Down There! (November 2012)
So is God a furious tyrant who's out to fry us in the flames of hell, or is He a jolly old cosmic Santa who loves us and just wants us to be happy? Or what?

Have Yourself a Merry Little...Xmas? (December 2012)
Is the word Xmas really a satanically inspired attempt to remove Christ from Christmas? If not, then why does it turn so many Christians into Scrooge?

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