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There are tons of great Christian websites out there, and here is a Top 10 list of sites that are among my favorites, not listed in any particular order. The sites on this page may change from time to time, but I will always limit it to a Top 10 list—the cream of the crop.

1. Blue Letter Bible  I used Bible Hub for a long time; but as good as it is, it seems to be plagued with excessive down time. For that reason, I switched to Blue Letter Bible, and I have found that I honestly like it even better. BLB makes it even easier and more convenient to do in-depth Bible study, and I am sold on it—I officially have a new favorite Bible website.

2. Grace Thru Faith  Run by Jack Kelley, simply one of the best Bible teachers on the planet. This man never ceases to amaze me as being someone who can unravel the most difficult Bible-related questions in a simple, straightforward manner. He answers several questions sent in by readers each day, and posts a full-length article every weekend. As one of the true goldmines on the Internet, Grace Thru Faith has been like a morning cup of coffee for me for a number of years now.

Note: It deeply saddens me to report that on October 18, 2015, Jack Kelly passed away unexpectedly. Although he's no longer around to post new material, his site remains online and is still a goldmine of terrific Bible teaching. So, I will keep this link here as long as his site is available.

3. The Omega Letter  The Omega Letter is a website devoted to news and commentary related to the Bible and Bible prophecy, and also features weekly articles on various Bible-related topics by a group of contributing writers. It has long been one of my favorite sites.

4. Unsealed  This is a website devoted to news and articles pertaining to end-time prophecy and its ongoing fulfilment. Unlike some such sites I have seen, Unsealed.org maintains a pretty high standard of journalistic quality, scriptural integrity, and biblical scholarship. As a result, it's one of the best sites of its kind out there in my opinion.

5. Prophecy Update  One of the best websites for news items related to Bible prophecy. Period. If it's happening in the world and related to bible prophecy, there's a link to it here. Updated daily. This is my prophecy news clearinghouse.

6. Calvary Chapel Kaneohe  This is the website for Calvary Chapel Kaneohe in Hawaii, pastored by JD Farag. Rev. Farag is of Arab descent and is quite a character, and he devotes roughly 30 minutes of his Sunday service each week to what he calls his Mid-East Prophecy Update. The man knows his stuff, and I never miss it. The site also contains a lot of good Bible teaching videos.

7. Herescope  This is an outstanding site that regularly features excellent articles and series of articles about some of the heretical movements invading the Church. With all the pseudo-spiritual New Age trash that is being welcomed into the blind, naked, apostate Church these days, a site like this is a true godsend.

8. Rapture Forums  This is an excellent site that features a wealth of articles from top Christian writers on a wide variety of important topics, especially eschatology and prophecy-related news and events. It also has a number of forums available for discussion of a broad range of topics of interest to believers.

9. Olive Tree Ministries   Run by Jan Merkel, a messianic Jew, this website features news articles of interest to Christians, in addition to a radio show for discussion of biblical topics, especially of a prophetic nature.

10. Y-Jesus  This site contains one of the finest series of articles I have ever read in defense of the historical facts of who Jesus was and what He did. If you are on the fence about Jesus, or would like to strengthen your faith with bulletproof logic and arguments that can readily withstand the most virulent attacks the secular world can muster, you owe it to yourself to spend some time at this site.

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