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Morning coffee with open Bible

So grab a cup o' joe and stick around.


Because if you are a Christian, you need to be aware of how the prophetic scenario is coming together in order to maintain a proper perspective of where we are on God's prophetic clock. You also need to have your head screwed on straight about certain biblical teachings so you won't be deceived by those who seek to douse your faith in God's promises with a few bucketfuls of false doctrine.

Don't look now, but a few such people may be attending your church.

Or preaching from its pulpit.

If you are not a Christian, you still need to be aware of that prophetic scenario thing, because whether you like it or not—whether you believe it or not—it absolutely affects you as well. More than you realize. And with that sobering thought in mind, there are a few important things I would love to have the chance to explain to you.

That is, if you're willing to grab a cup o' joe and stick around.

It's like this: I am a Bible-believing, born-again Christian, I am convinced beyond any doubt that we are rapidly approaching the biblically prophesied period of time that will precede the return of Christ, and writing figures prominently in my concept of heaven.

Put those three things together, and you have this website.

Once a week, I post some brief comments on something that has been in the news recently, generally something of prophetic significance or interest. The most recent entry is shown below, and all previous entries can be found in Commentary.

I post a full-length article each month, and the current feature article is below. The entire archive can be found in Articles.

 Weekly Commentary: 

12/4/2017 — From the "Will He or Won't He?" Department...

What time is it, boys and girls? Th-a-a-t's right. It's time to sign the biannual waiver to delay moving the American Embassy in Israel from its current location in Tel Aviv to its rightful place in the eternal capital of Israel, Jerusalem. Woo hoo!

Over the last few days there have been rumors of President Trump not signing it for the first time in its history, and announcing the Big Move this week; but those in the know doubt that will happen. Trump has, however indicated that he may announce America's official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move seen as being very nearly as controversial and provocative as moving the embassy in the eyes of Arab nations.

An article in World Israeli News reports that Israeli experts fully expect Trump to sign the waiver and delay the embassy move, but many expect him to follow through with an announcement about Jerusalem's status as the capital of Israel. Some Israeli experts, however, wonder aloud if perhaps Trump should go ahead and make the move. According to Israeli diplomat Yoram Ettinger:

"Enemies of the US and Israel will view the new waiver signing as a retreat forced by pressure and threats. Deterrence must be restored for there to be national security. [He suggested that Trump could] move the embassy to the western side of the city so that he is not making a unilateral determination on the final status of the eastern parts of the city. [He warned that] making a Jerusalem statement could result in a short-term aggressive Arab reaction, so why not go all the way and move the embassy now and restore a sense of strength and deterrence."

Indeed. The Palestinians have threatened that any such move or announcement would scuttle peace talks and spark fresh violence (and cause a plague of locusts o'er the land).

But since when have the Palestinians ever lifted a finger to promote the peace process?

With the possible exception of a trigger finger, that is.

According to Dan Diker at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs:

"Israel and the US are ready to move toward peace while the Palestinians threaten peace moves, pay terrorist salaries and incite to violence. They have made no commitment to a peace process even before the anticipated announcement."

I see his point and I can't say I disagree with the sentiment, but personally I have my doubts that Trump will decline to sign the waiver. I think he wants the world to know how much he wants to move the embassy, and to believe that he will move the embassy, but I don't see it happening right now.

One line of reasoning says "Get a deal done first, THEN move the embassy," which is what I am half expecting.

But the key word in the sentence is "deal." That's the only part I am interested in. And I can't wait to see how God arranges that deal to come about.

Assuming we're here to see how He does it.

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 Feature Article: 

The 24 Elders Revisited

Focus on the 24 elders

A couple of years ago I wrote an article about the 24 elders, an enigmatic group that is introduced in Revelation 4, and in that article I laid out about as thoroughly as I could why I believe they can be no one but the raptured Church—home and dry and in heaven before the Tribulation starts in Revelation 6. Identifying the 24 elders as the raptured Church (not to mention viewing the Tribulation as beginning with the seal judgments in chapter 6) has been the predominant view within dispensational theology for nearly two centuries, and it puts a stone-cold stranglehold on the fact that the Rapture occurs prior to the Tribulation.

I was recently taken to task over what I wrote in that article by a very nice young woman who has a somewhat different view of these transitional chapters of the book of Revelation, a view that has the seal judgments preceding the Tribulation proper. She has the dead in Christ rising at the fifth seal (Rev. 6:9–11), the catching away of those who are alive and remain at the sixth seal (Rev. 6:12–17), and the Tribulation actually beginning with the first trumpet judgment (Rev. 8:7). I was mildly surprised that she still had it worked out so that the Rapture is pre-trib, because this notion that the seal judgments of chapter 6 are merely a prelude to Daniel's 70th Week has been kicked around for decades and is typically fodder for pre-wrath/post-trib cannons.

At any rate, she insisted that the 24 elders are not the raptured Church (they can't be—it would mess up her theory). I admit that identifying the 24 elders as someone or something other than the raptured Church opens the door to a variety of interesting interpretations of John's vision, but I am still convinced that's exactly who they are.

Now, I am loath to admit it because I know it's pure flesh, but the instant someone hits me with something that is contrary to what I am reasonably certain is biblically correct, I have flashbacks to my Navy days. I hear a voice with that familiar controlled urgency barking over the 1MC:

(BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG) "General quarters, general quarters. All hands man your battle stations. This is not a drill. I say again, this is not a drill. Away the Interpretational Defense Team."

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